Sunday, 9 July 2017

Unblock Torrent, Extratorrent and Free Proxies

Posted by Salman Bhai
In general, your ISP could easily know that you are connecting to the  VPN tunnel as it utilizes certain ports. However if it's correctly set  up and utilize a secure protocol, all your traffic will get through the  VPN and your ISP won't be able to decipher your online activities and  your connection type or make sense of your internet traffic.

Try the above keyword.Its a small hack which shows all the indexed files on a website.This can be used to use download torrent on blocked college hotspots as well.
Fill in the file/filename between the commas(including) and the file format in the last bracket pairs and done!
Works great and saves a lot of time finding files to download over the net.

Unblock Torrent, Extratorrent

) Register an account in
2) Copy the magnet link or download the magnet file
3) Paste it in the filestream and allow it to hash for sometime
4) Download and enjoy ... :)

Also look for other hashing sites for downloading files that are more than 1GB, like etc

Try SSL dowlnoad also .

A Reliable and secure Torrent VPN hides your original IP address, DNS and other details and provides encryption so your online activities are hidden from all intruders.
Use proxy sites.
Us official mirror sites.
Use a VPN app/software.
If unable to use VPN application due to any reason, you can use VPN browser extension. (best option)
Hope it helped you.

For any queries, feel free to comment.

both options however can also be blocked by a smart network administrator.

the only truly unblockable solution however is to get a 4G modem, and bypass the school network altogether.

this is also the most considerate way, considering other people need to access the school network for actual school work and torrenting can have a strong impact on their internet speed and reliability.

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